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Poor posture, exercise, or stress can cause muscle aches. They are quite frequent, since they occur in different areas, from work or playing sports. But how to relieve muscle aches? Well, we are going to tell you about it in this article.

A massage can help relieve pain and promote muscle recovery. However, it is very important that the massage is given by an expert. On the contrary, instead of improving the situation, the problem could worsen. It is very important that you entrust the treatment to a specialist. At Massages Marbella by Susan we can help you, we perform massages in Marbella and one of our star treatments is sports massages, a type of energetic massage that reduces pain, relieves contractures and at the same time promotes muscle recovery.

It is also very important to rest well to recover from pain, at least 7 hours a day, as well as to eat a healthy diet and hydrate well. Some foods rich in fiber and protein such as oily fish, lean meats, eggs or legumes can help reduce pain, as they will nourish the muscles and promote recovery. And in addition to food, hydration is important, drink plenty of water.

If there is inflammation in addition to muscle pain, it may be good to apply ice to the area, to reduce the swelling.

Also a good hot shower can help relieve pain. And it is that the heat of the water increases the blood flow of the muscles. Instead of the shower you can use hot compresses.

It is important to indicate that there are specific creams for muscle pain, so you can apply them in the area where you appreciate the discomfort. However, it is important that you follow the instructions on the leaflet.

How to avoid muscle pain

In short, these are the most effective tricks to relieve muscle pain, although you can always try to prevent it from occurring, although in many cases it is unavoidable.

To reduce the chances of muscle pain, it is very important that always before and after exercising you stretch your body, stay hydrated, follow the appropriate techniques and postures for each exercise, as well as you should know your limits so as not to force too much and unleash injuries.

This with respect to the practice of exercise, but muscle pain can also occur in other aspects of life. For example, at work. Many people who spend many hours in front of the computer tend to have neck and back pain. This is due to poor posture, inadequate height of the computer, or the stress of work itself. Also common are discomfort in the lower back, which is usually due to improper weight lifting. So if you can have good postural hygiene, your health will appreciate it.

In the case of pain, you can follow the instructions in this article to relieve muscle pain. But if the pain is acute it is important that you go to a specialist.

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