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The massage technique is an ancient tool to bring health to the physical body and the emotional world. Today we want to tell you about a very special massage, the massage for pregnant.

There are countries where receiving massages during pregnancy has a long tradition, such as Japan and China. In our western culture, little by little it is gaining followers, given the great benefits it brings to pregnant women.

In this article from Marbella Massage By Susan we want to help raise awareness of the importance of massage during those intense and special months that pregnancy lasts.

And we are going to start with our “invisible” allies, which are hormones. Specifically, oxytocin and endorphins, which I am sure will sound familiar to you.

Both are released naturally during this type of massage. Being oxytocin, known as the love hormone, which helps during labor.

Endorphins act as natural pain relievers by helping to relax the muscles and nervous system. We could say that this hormone helps to dispel the fears and uncertainties that arise especially in new mothers.

Let’s continue with the benefits, now more tangible, of massage for pregnant women.

Heavy legs and fluid retention

There is an effect that without a doubt every pregnant woman can recognize and that is that feeling of heavy legs that is so unpleasant. This is because blood circulation is impaired in these parts of the body during these months. To mitigate it, an energetic massage is performed on the feet and arms that also help eliminate fluid retention.

Sciatica and contractures

One of the pains that usually accompany pregnant women is the pain or discomfort of sciatica. For this, the massage focuses on the back, where a good part of the tensions are concentrated, and here we can get to work the deep tissue. Over the weeks, these tensions often turn into contractures if we do not put ourselves in the hands of professionals who apply this therapeutic massage to us.


This defense mechanism is activated when we believe that we are in danger. In our current life we ​​are very far from the risks of our ancestors, when they lived in caves and anxiety was an alarm to protect ourselves from predators.

But a part of our unconscious seems to continue living in that troglodyte time and the uncertainty and fears that may arise during pregnancy come hand in hand with anxiety.

A relaxing massage given by specialists helps to dispel fears, to return to the body and put aside the mind, the only place where fears live.

Tiredness and regulation of the intestinal movement:

Tiredness or apathy and alteration of the intestinal movement are other discomforts that arise during pregnancy. The massage for pregnant women revitalizes the body and helps regulate the bowel movemet.

We all deserve to take care of ourselves, to make life easier for ourselves. And what better time to receive the help that massages provide us, than when we are pregnant?

Remember that you will always have at your disposal a professional masseuse in Marbella in our center.

If you have any questions or curiosity regarding massages for pregnant women you can contact us.

Summary of massage techniques in Marbella in this article: Pregnant Massage that contains: relaxing massage, decontracting massage, deep tissue massage, energetic massage (variant of sports massage).

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