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Discover our treatments and massages in Marbella. Massages to improve your health, beauty and well-being through effective techniques and treatments.

Sport Massage

Sports massages are indicated for those who practise sports on a regular basis and who need to reactivate tired muscles, treat aches and pains, remove muscle rigidity, and avoid muscle cramps and spasms. It helps the body to recover after intensive physical activity. The massage is energetic and strong.

Decontracting Massage

This massage is indicated in cases where it is necessary to alleviate muscles contractures, pains, lack of elasticity and mobility (produced by bad posture, stress, etc.)

It stimulates circulation in tired muscles and in muscular ‘knots’.


For the skin: friction of the epidermis helps liberate toxins and dead cells.

For muscles: restores elasticity and reduces tension.

For the nervous system: gives a feeling of relaxation

For circulation: activates circulation to increase oxygen supply to body tissues.

It is a massage which is strong and energetic thereby relaxing muscles and dissolving muscle contractures.

Relaxing Massage

The main objective of a relaxing massage is to relieve tension in the body and reach a state of mental relaxation through smooth hand strokes and body manipulations.

  • Alleviates stress
  • Improves sleeping patterns
  • Calms pain in the muscles and articulations
  • Helps with blood circulation

Thailandes Massage

Thai massage is an ancient technique covering the whole body from head to toe, but carried out on a futon (a soft rug) placed on the floor. No oil is used and the patient is lightly clothed. It combines different techniques and manipulations using pressure points and stretching in a strong, deep and intensive massage. It

  • Tones the body’s nervous system
  • Activates the lymphatic system
  • Inreases muscle flexibility
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces stress through a high level of relaxation

Massage for pregnant woman

This is carried out with the patient either lying face-up or on her side, working on the legs and feet to eliminate the excess fluids which tend to be concentrated in these areas. Shoulders and neck are massaged in order to relieve tension both in these regions as well as the back.

Included is an energetic massage to improve circulation mainly in the legs and arms, as well as a therapeutic massage of the back to relax those muscles and treat problems such as sciatica.

Wood Therapy

This is a massage using wooden tools of various shapes and sizes in a beauty treatment which firms up body tone, reduces localised fat and combats cellulitis.

Facial Massage

  • Increases blood circulation, eliminating accumulated waste products in the blood flow. With regard to the circulatory system, it reduces heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Improvement of blood circulation means that nutrients and oxygen are delivered more rapidly to the areas most in need.
  • Reduces inflammation, resulting in the more efficient formation of scar tissue in the case of injuries.
  • Alleviates emotional stress: contact with the hands of the therapist provides comfort, and regulates and alleviates tensions, giving a sensation of calm and tranquillity.
  • Loosens and relaxes muscles.
  • Strengthens the muscles and skin of the face, improves skin firmness, and treats dull and lifeless skin.

Bamboo Therapy

What is it?

Bamboo is an ancient plant which in oriental cultures is a symbol of well-being, flexibility, sincerity and good luck, perhaps the reason why it has become used for massage.  As its name suggests, Bamboo Therapy is carried out using bamboo cane and constitutes an alternative to other relaxation and fitness therapies. It stimulates deep skin tissue, muscles, fatty tissue and even the body’s nervous system, all thanks to the contact of bamboo cane with the various parts of the body according to the needs of each patient. It is an ideal massage to purge and liberate toxins in our bodies and is applied specially to the legs, back and face.

How is it done?

To carry out the massage, various sizes and thicknesses of bamboo cane are used, depending on the specific part of the body being treated, and of course on each patient’s requirements. Either cream or oil is first applied, for example sesame seed oil, so that the bamboo cane can be applied firmly to the body, allowing it to move smoothly whilst being reputedly rotated over the skin. The friction, percussion and pressure of the bamboo over the body lead to a stimulus which allows better channelling of neuronal, nervous, cell, energy, emotional, muscular and circulatory systems as well as affording the patient a complete state of relaxation and physical, mental and spiritual tranquillity.

In short, a massage whose sensations and exotic stimulations works deeply into the skin and muscles, besides relaxing the person receiving it.

What are the benefits?

Among the principal benefits of this technique are the reduction of unwanted body shapes, the burning of fat, and absolute physical, muscular and mental relaxation. Besides, in liberating toxins the body’s metabolism is rejuvenated through stimulation of the circulatory system thereby improving skin tone, strengthening muscles, combatting cellulitis and helping reduce weight more easily than other types of massage since it distributes and even destroys fatty tissue, liquid or solid. If this were not enough, bamboo therapy firms up the skin, reduces wrinkles and facial expression lines, rejuvenates body tissue, and fights tiredness and exhaustion due to its sedative effect on the nerve endings.

Anti-cellulite Massage

Cellulitis is the accumulation of fat, toxins and fluid in certain parts of the body, the prevention and treatment of which is effected through physical exercise, a good diet, and massage. This type of massage is carried out to improve the texture of fatty tissue by facilitating the reabsorption of accumulated fluids. The massage movements are both energetic and high pressure.