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Are you an athlete or do you practice sports regularly? Resorting to sports massages in Marbella is the best way to prevent injuries and improve performance.

Sports massages in Marbella, Susan Pardo

Playing sports, whether moderately or continuously, provides a multitude of benefits to health in general. Now, on occasions, this sports practice can cause muscle overloads and / or injuries.

For this, preventive sports massage affects the improvement in the performance tolerated by the athlete, their resistance capacity and muscular strength against wear and tear and possible injuries.

In addition, sports massage is an ideal treatment for the injuries that have arisen, since it focuses its action on the rapid recovery of the athlete.

And that he can rejoin the sport as soon as possible. Marbella Masseuse Relaxing Sports Massages Pregnant Susan Pardo

What is a sports massage?

It is a massage modality whose main purpose is to prepare the tissues of your body for an important sporting effort. And incidentally, recover and / or prevent injuries that you may suffer during training or in competition. There is no one sports massage that is universal for all sports and muscles. But there are massages that vary according to the sports activity you practice and the desired therapeutic objectives. What is sports massage used for?

Sports massage is indicated for people who frequent sports activities and who need to activate the muscles, heal injuries and improve their recovery. Among the objectives of sports massage are the following: Improve athletic performance. Warm up the muscles prior to performing extreme exercise, oxygenating them and making them more flexible.

Prevent injuries that may be caused in full competition or training. Properly prepare the muscles for sports effort and keep them in optimal condition. Promote muscle recovery from sports injuries, and in general strengthen the athlete’s physique. Contribute to the reduction of inflammation, regeneration and remodeling of the micro-tears of the tissues that can affect the sport that is going to be carried out.

Recover and unload the muscles through lymphatic drainage and venous return massages. Relax the muscles, just like the athlete just before the competition.

Sports massages in Marbella, Susan Pardo

If you are an athlete and you need to treat an injury or if you want to prevent it, I will be happy to assist you at our Massage Center in Marbella. You will discover an experience for the senses.

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