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The wood therapy treatment is an incredible technique that
It is used for both aesthetic and health or rehabilitation purposes. Combine manual massages with wooden utensils that help to firm and shape the figure while you relax.

But… which wood therapy treatment to choose? Despite what many people believe, wood therapy treatments are totally personalized and depend on the area of the body to be treated.

Below I explain what each of them consists of and the results that are obtained.

4 Types of wood therapy treatments in Marbella

Among the most requested types of wood therapy treatment are:

1. Body wood therapy treatment

The body treatment with wood therapy allows you to shape the figure and reduce measurements. Thanks to the massage with the wooden utensils, all the localized fat is drained. It is also used to reduce the level of stress in the parts of the body and for contractures due to bad posture or sports activities. Wood therapy relieves all discomfort, both at the joint and muscular level.

2. Facial wood therapy

The objective of this type of wood therapy treatment is to activate blood circulation. Thus, it is possible to tone and firm the face by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen.

3. Anti-cellulite wood therapy treatment

As its name implies, this wood therapy treatment aims to combat cellulite or orange peel skin. Eliminates localized adiposity in the parts of the body where it can be present. Massages with wooden instruments activate circulation and effectively eliminate fluid retention. This is how the gluteal area is shaped.

4. Breast wood therapy

This wood therapy treatment is used for those seeking to firm and tone the bust. It is also possible to shape them and add more volume.

When do you see the results of wood therapy?

About the third session, the results of the wood therapy treatment begin to be noticed, although it will depend on the type of treatment and the body. For example, overweight people will not see changes as quickly as you expect. However, the treatment will help eliminate fluid retention and swelling.

It is advisable to complete a series of 10 to 15 sessions for the wood therapy treatment to be complete.

Combination with other treatments

Wood therapy can be combined with other treatments to enhance its effects. For example, an anti-cellulite massage with a specific active ingredient, to obtain better results.

All this, taking into account the time we have for the treatment, the needs of the patient and the results we want to achieve.

If you want to take advantage of the incredible benefits of body wood therapy, do not hesitate to contact us and request an appointment at our center located in Marbella.

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